MIA by Carlo Cracco

MIA by Carlo Cracco: an outstanding domestic interpretation of the professional kitchen
From a two-year collaboration between Scavolini and a renowned Michelin-starred chef comes MIA, a unique project which brings the features of a “great kitchen” to your home.
The keyword is professionalism.
Many “ingredients” come together to create this “tasty”, comfortable, custom-sized kitchen space in which to up your cooking game: an exclusive handle design, new finishes to choose from (Pinstripe Oak decorative melamine, Dark Steel, Stopsol glass and Clay Biomalta), and a stunning Line System affording functional and sophisticated customisations. But, above all, new element modularity, to amplify the capacity of base units and wall units. Even the appliances supplied (including a vacuum drawer with new marinating function and a food-warming lamp) enhance the desire and love of cooking hidden in each one of us: technology that brings a touch of “refinement” even to everyday meals.
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