A sophisticated kitchen with a cosmopolitan feel, distinguished by all-Italian DNA
If you’re dreaming of a sophisticated kitchen, one where the details truly make the difference – a kitchen with a grand scenic presence - the DeLinea model designed by Vuesse could very well be the perfect solution.
Harmonious and seductive silhouettes, trendy materials and a truly contemporary modularity, in other words 80 cm high base units and a 7 cm plinth. The result is the creation of settings with a strong styling impact and, at the same time, a powerful sense of hospitality.
DeLinea is a handle-free kitchen and features special processing on the door: a recessed aluminum profile cut at a 45° angle for an easier grip, available in the same color as the recessed grip profile. A detail with doubtless stylistic appeal.
There are multiple composition possibilities (island, corner or peninsula), all affording variations on the theme of elegance. The open-fronted elements, together with the elegant steel shelves are further features which add movement to the design, enhancing the available storage space. The extensive choice of finishes also makes it possible to recreate interesting tactile sensations and customize every aspect of the DeLinea model.
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