Gym Space

Design by Mattia Pareschi

The Gym Space project redesigns the typical components of bathroom furnishings, skilfully combining them with a wall-mounted frame dedicated to physical exercise, and brings a fitness area into your daily realm, offering a new concept of wellness.

The all-Italian experience and excellence accrued by Scavolini and the interpretation of design as surprise, experimentation and painstaking care for details have led to the launch of this new system designed by Mattia Pareschi, which introduces fitness corners that envisage the use of equipment designed to stay in shape and defines a new way of conceiving the bathroom.

The heart of the project lies in the unprecedented reinterpretation of Gymnastics Wall Bars. The entire range revolves specifically around this piece of gym equipment, used as the base onto which additional sports equipment is applied – including a Scavolini bench and a traction bar – and to secure the bathroom furnishing accessories - such as lights, shelves, storage elements and mirrors. Suitable for any particular space, this solution is designed to blend styling with functionality and ensure endless configuration possibilities, leaving customers free to furnish the bathroom with the utmost customization.

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